Trespass Permits

Fisherman, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts and the public in general are encouraged and welcome to visit the Pequop Conservancy.  However, you must apply for written permission and carry our trespass permit with you at all times.

Access to private property, or to go across private property to reach adjacent public land, is a priveledge. Please respect the landowners private property rights. While the Pequop Nature Conservancy will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate public access, access is not guaranteed to be available at all times.  


Applying For A Trespass Permit

There is no charge for a Pequop Conservancy access permit. Public access by written permission is permitted for sight-seeing, hiking, fishing, pine nut and shed gathering, and photographic purposes. Please allow 10 days for receipt of an approved trespass permit. Permits are issued for a monthly time period; please note which month you are requesting access for. Trespass is not allowed during periods of extreme fire danger.

Please be aware and abide by the following 

We do not allow access on or across our private property for usage of any ATVs, motorcycles, nor carriage or usage of firearms, bows or weapons of any type.  All applicants acknowledge and agree to the terms of access contained below: 

1. All access is for daylight hours only. No campfiresor overnight camping is allowed. 

2. Weapons of any type and hunting/trapping are prohibited on the private property of the Pequop Conservancy.  

3.North of the I-80 freeway on the north Pequop Mountain a small road closure area exists with access available via foot or horseback. No motorized vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles or motorcycles are allowed at any time in that road closure area. 

4. Applicants acknowledge and agree that you will NOT enter or cross the private property during times when the landowner has designated an extreme fire danger exits. 

5. Fisherman at Warm Springs – please do not use any live bait of any type, please use artificial lures or flies. All Bass and Blue Gill caught should be taken with you. Please do not release any Bass or Blue Gill back into the waters. 

6. All applicants acknowledge and agree that by applying for a trespass permit you are agreeing to provide and unconditional liability release to Pequop Conservancy and its associated 3rd parties.  

7. All applicants acknowledge and agree the Pequop Conservancy holds your personal information in a confidential format but may be required to release the information to Law Enforcement personnel. 

8. Applicants acknowledge that they will only drive on designated roads and park only at the designated trail head areas. 

Submit Applications To

Please mail your application along with  a copy of your drivers license, vehicle info and vehicle photo:  

  Pequop Conservancy

  PO Box 2683

  Elko, NV 89803

Download a trespass permit application

PEQUOPCONSERVANCY_TrespassPermit (pdf)